Meal Planning Template
This section of the doc holds onto the tables and named formulas that power the previous pages. Be careful with any changes you make here, as they will ripple through the rest of the document.


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Named formulas

This week’s dishes

@Glazed carrots
@Roasted chicken
@Bacon cabbage stir fry
@Mac and cheese
@Broccoli rabe
@Sauteed asparagus and mushrooms
@Broiled salmon
@White rice
@Impossible tacos
@Corn salad
@Tomato mozzarella salad
@Grilled eggplant
@Homemade bread
@Bag salad

This week’s ingredients

@Baby Carrots
@Roll dough
@Whole chicken
@Green cabbage
@Mac and cheese box
@Broccoli rabe
@Salmon fillets
@Impossible meat
@Taco shells
@Shredded cheese
@Canned corn
@Cherry tomatoes
@Clegane mozzarella
@Lasagna noodles
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This week’s dinners

@🍽️🥩🥕🍞 Glazed carrots, Rolls, Roasted chicken
@🍽️🥩🥕🍞 Bacon cabbage stir fry
@🍽️🥩🥕🍞 Ham, Mac and cheese, Broccoli rabe
@🍽️🥩🥕🍞 Sauteed asparagus and mushrooms, Broiled salmon, White rice
@🍽️🧆🥕🍞 Impossible tacos, Corn salad
@🍽️🧆🥕🍞 Tomato mozzarella salad , Grilled eggplant, Homemade bread
@🍽️🥩🥕🍞 Lasagna, Bag salad
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